To achieve the best possible composite component, lots of aspects must be considered. To do the engineering work right, you need to know composite production. And the other way around. At Nordic Aircraft we have a long experience of both. To manufacture composite components with the highest quality possible, we mainly work with prepreg (preimpregnated fibers) cured in autoclave. Nordic Aircraft's understanding of every link in the development and manufacturing chain, assures the best solution for your needs!


To choose the right concept is of utmost importance to get a good end result. You want your composite component to be as light, strong and inexpensive as possible to produce. To find the right concept you need to have good overlook of the all the development and manufacturing steps. You need long experience and an innovative set of mind. This you find at Nordic Aircraft!


When starting a new design, it is very important to first get a good overall picture of the problem. Whether it is an advanced problem with moving parts or just an individual part, we always strive to have a top-down perspective. Although this means that the task becomes more complex, a better solution is provided. In addition to functionality, the solution should also be inexpensive to produce.

structural analysis

We are used to perform strutural analysis on composite parts. In addition to pure strength, the structure is often dimensioned by stiffness, buckling, handling, local buckling, fatigue, etc. The FEM results are always verified by hand calculations and simplified classic-laminate type programs.



You often choose to produce your component in composites when you need low weight, high stiffnes, fatigue resistance, low thermal expansion, chemical resistance and/or for the mere good looks of it! Nordic Aircraft is familiar and experienced with different resin systems, reinforcement materials (normaly carbon, glass or aramid fibres) and core materials etc.


The dimensional tolerances and surface quality requirements on the finished composite parts can only be achived if the tools meets the same or even stricter demands. Over the years we has continuously developed and improved our skills and manufacturing methods for production tools. Today we are able to manufacture series production tools with a very high dimensional accuracy and surface quality, that will endure high temperature cycling (up to 180ºC) in autoclave production.

composite manufacturing

We mainly work with prepreg (preimpregnated fibres) cured in autoclave. This ensures both a high laminate quality  and an accurate process control that is very repeatable. An efficient production is also achieved with precut laminate kits from the NC-cutting machine and short curing cycles in the autoclave. Nordic Aircraft's innovative techniques, long experience and high level of craftsmanship, guarantee the best possible production solution.


In many cases the manufactured parts needs to be assembled and joined. Nordic Aircraft are happy to take care of this as well. If jigs and fixtures are needed we have the in house capability to develop and manufacture these. Furthermore, Nordic Aircraft willingly oversees paint work, labeling etc., -all the way to a fully finished product.


Nordic Aircraft has the knowledge, experience and equipment to perform tests on composite structures. This is often done during the development phase, but in some cases complete structures are tested, for example to limit load, before every delivery. Nordic Aircraft has also performed numerous test programs to generate knowledge and data to our materials database, including different material combinations and joint types.


Nordic Aircraft are well known for delivering high quality products. Every time we make a customer delivery, we put our honor at stake. With customers mainly in the aerospace sector, Nordic Aircraft is used to live up to high demands on documentation, traceability and material handling.


Nordic Aircraft has led several research and development projects funded by Vinnova (the Swedish innovation agency). These projects have focused on research and development of novel composite production methods, adhesion, advanced jigs and fixtures, etc. As a member of Compraser Labs (arena for industrial production processes R&D on composite based products), we also participate in many other research and development projects. Nordic Aircraft's CEO, Petter Bladh, is a board member of Innovair (Sweden's national strategic innovation program for aeronautics).


Nordic Aircraft has a long experience in aerodynamics including wind tunnel, CFD and hand calculations. We have been engaged in projects involving development and production of wind turbine blades, helicopter rotorblades, wind tunnel models and more. Not to mention Nordic Aircrafts own aircraft project, where the complete aircraft design has been developed in house.

project management

Project management is often required to ensure that the project achieves the objectives that is set in terms of time, quality and economy. The project leader sets up time schedules with milestones, performs risk analysis and carries out economy follow-up. This is often done in close coopreation with the customer.